Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photo session failed

I tried and tried to get a super cute picture of Alexa, but this kid doesn't hold still. These definitely show her personality:

Easter Eggs

This year I bought a different Easter egg coloring kit. The girls got a big kick out of it. I decided to do it while Alexa was sleeping so she didn't destroy everything. They turned out really cute.

Man I am lucky to have such beautiful girls!

Working Mom

I've gone back to work what I consider to be 'full time' enough. I asked Dina our babysitter who does online schooling if she would be interested in watching the kids each day for about 4 hours while I go into the office. She thankfully said YES! Alexa & Sienna love having Dina over everyday. She takes them to the park, on walks, bike rides, you name it. Alexa is in 7th heaven. In fact I think she gets more excited to see Dina then she does when I get home. Here are a few silly pics Sienna took of herself. She is such a nut!


Bruce is in the Deacons quorum for our church. He got to experience life in another perspective .... lol. He went with the 12-13 yrs olds camping in snow caves. They had to dig a cave to place their beds. It was SO cold! After trying to hold his pee for a couple of hours in the middle of the night he finally gave in and got up around 4am to relieve himself. After that he slept like a baby. I think he and Collin surprisingly enjoyed themselves despite the cold weather.

Winter Recital

As you saw in the videos the girls did awesome in their recital. Sienna's was a Princess Tea Party and Jordon's was Musical Chairs. I felt so bad for Jordon because she felt terrible that day. She had the chills and a fever but that wasn't about to stop her from performing. I'm so proud of both of my girls. They did awesome!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I can't believe I went a whole month without posting a thing. I'm such a slacker! Well as I'm sure for many of you December flew by.
The weekend before Christmas Bruce and I ventured to the mall which was INSANE so that the girls could see Santa. We waited an hour in line, but hey we do crazy things for our kids ...right?? Anyway, they were happy and that is all that matters.
Santa told me he got a kick outa talking to Jordon with her 2 front teeth missing.

On Christmas Eve we had my family over (32 people) for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange. This year I decided instead of the hoagie sandwiches we usually had we were going to have a real dinner. Ham, cheesy potatoes, salads, rolls ... the whole kit and kaboodle! It turned out great! Afterwards we had a short devotional by Cade and then onto the gift exchange. The cousins were so excited! I think it turned out perfect. We sent the kids upstairs while the adults had our exchange. All in all I think it was a great night. Everyone was gone by 7:30pm to do their own traditions at home.
Rod, Cala & Dan chillin before dinner. See the delicious rolls Tasha made ... YUM!

Tasha, Karlene, Rod, Cala & Dan

Cody, Collin & Hailey playing football outside before dinner

Alexa, Sienna & Peanut aka Alia

I could not keep this little one away from the gifts

Getting situated for our devotional

Time to open gifts from the cousins

Hailey, Alexa, Jordon, Cody, CJ, Collin, Colton, Payten, Alia, Sienna, Daigen, Vaughn & Bosten

Grandpa giving all his Grandkids piggy banks he made for each of them

Our tradition that was started from my Mom's side of the family is to open presents Christmas Eve. The kids could hardly wait! We were opening our gifts within 5 minutes I swear of everyone leaving. Jordon and Collin separated all the gifts out. By 8:30pm we had all the kids except for Collin in bed for the night. Santa Clause came about an hour later. Bruce and I were in bed by 10pm. Not too shabby!!

Gifts from G&G Baird

Clay Matthews jersey

Christmas morning the kids woke up between 7:30-8am. They were SUPER excited to see what Santa had brought them. It was a 2 sided art desk stocked with crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glues sticks and all kinds of papers. Jordon also got a Monster High doll and Sienna got make-up. Alexa got a little dinosaur toy that spits balls out. Collin got some Green Bay Packers fat heads.